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Blackpool, Auckland Central

About Blackpool:

Blackpool is a community situated on Waiheke Island in northern New Zealand. It was named after Blackpool, a big town in England.

Waiheke Island is the most populous and second-largest island in the Gulf of Hauraki, New Zealand. Its ferry terminal in the Bay of Matiatia is 21.5 km from the Auckland Central city terminal.

In 1989, the Waiheke County Council was amalgamated with the Auckland City Council, and in 1990 the Waiheke Community Board officially demanded the City's right to de-amalgamate. The Royal Commission recommended that Waiheke Island maintain enhanced powers on its community council. 

When the Auckland Council was formed in 2010 by the amalgamation of seven councils and territorial authorities and the Auckland Regional Council, Waiheke was given its own local council.

Blackpool Beach

Blackpool Beach is one of the best beaches on Waiheke Island. Just a short distance from Oneroa, the Blackpool beach is a perfect place for high tide swimming and paddleboarding. 

Blackpool Beach has a small playground right on the water's edge with fantastic views when the tide is high and a great place to have sunset dinners with children. There are plenty of sightseeing spots around Blackpool Beach on Waiheke Island.

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