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Our new Business and Event Directory built just for Auckland Businesses. If you want to make your business shine out through the noise, we also have a premium directory available as well.

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We love Auckland and the Auckland community so have decided to give something back just for Auckland. Find out all you need to know if you are new to the area. Get recommendations for travel, accommodation, tourist spots, business info, food, and much more here at Auckland Central.
Our website for Auckland aims to be a great place for locals to find new businesses, as well as give feedback on any business you have dealt with here or events you have attended in the area. Reviews and feedback help others to make the best decisions and are even more valued coming from local Auckland residents.

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Detailed reviews are what help to drive others into making decisions. We always highly encourage users to leave honest reviews and provide as much feedback as possible for business listings and registered events on this website. Constructive feedback is much more useful than tearing down a business. If you did not have a good experience, please provide constructive feedback on companies and events so they can grow and improve.
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Looking for a reliable and trusted local West Auckland business? Browse through our Free directory and find professional painters, plumbers, builders tilers, as well as marketing, real estate, restaurants, events and much more. Business owner in Auckland? – Add your business!
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Find top spots in Auckland and reviews from the local community for businesses, events and places of interest to visit.

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