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We are a New Zealand owned dress rental company with a mission to provide access to beautiful and unique designer dresses to ladies all over our country. We believe that renting is a sustainable and affordable approach to dressing for special events. By choosing to rent over purchasing new you are saving significant amounts of resources, reducing waste and supporting meaningful and local brands. You are also spending a fraction of the cost of buying a new designer garment which you may only wear several times anyway.   Whether you have a ball, wedding, 21st or graduation we have a range of options in different sizes for you to choose from. Our dresses are authentic curated designer pieces and only for our renters, they are not just dresses from our closet!
Intimate Products NZ: Premier Choice for Quality Wellness Items and Sex Toys Explore Sex Toys NZ New Zealand’s top source for superior quality sex toys crafted to enhance your private moments. We are committed to presenting a broad collection of products designed to cater to those prioritizing both enjoyment and intimate health. Devoted to Delight and pleasure Our carefully selected range features items from vibrators to dildos and male masturbators, made with high-quality body-safe materials. These aren’t just ordinary items; they’re portals to moments of fantasy. Whether you desire a calming experience complemented by our targeted massagers or pursue amplified sensations through our variety of gels and oils, our offerings guarantee a memorable experience. Get in Touch with Sex Toys NZ We value your feedback and satisfaction. Our dedicated customer support team is available Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm NZT, ready to respond to questions or offer guidance. Reach out to us using our contact form or directly at We appreciate your choice to make Intimate Products NZ part of your personal journeys. Explore our range and discover why we are the go-to name for wellness products in New Zealand. is New Zealand’s premier guide to women’s underwear and lingerie, with a mission to emphasize comfort, elegance, and body positivity. Expertly Curated Selections at Panties Underwear for Woman In-depth reviews and insights into underwear choices that prioritize comfort and cater to diverse body types. Lingerie Explore the beauty of lingerie with our carefully chosen collection that complements both style and comfort. Enhancing Sleepwear and Accessories: Comprehensive guides and detailed reviews on sleepwear and accessory items designed to boost your overall comfort level. Community and Body Positivity at Panties Embracing Diversity: A strong dedication to body positivity that celebrates women in all their unique shapes and sizes, fostering self-love and confidence. Join the Panties Community: Connect, share, and grow with a community that uplifts women and fosters positive connections. The Vision Behind Panties Rebecca Masdon, a renowned expert in fashion and eCommerce, is the visionary behind Her commitment to quality, comfort, and empowerment defines the essence of the platform. Discover Today Embark on a journey with to uncover a rich selection of women’s underwear, lingerie, sleepwear, and more. Visit now and embrace a new era of elegance, comfort, and body positivity in women’s undergarments!
Great Kiwi Yarns is the best possum merino shop in Auckland. We exhibit beautiful knitwear made in New Zealand, including sweaters, jackets, capes and ponchos. Get ready for a cold winter with our warm socks, gloves and beanies. Our products are sustainably made with possum merino, nz merino and alpaca yarns.  

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