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What happens when you bring together the best eye surgeons in New Zealand, with a combined 30 plus years of experience practicing eye care? Re:Vision – Auckland’s most trusted eye surgery, offering an unparalled level of care and expertise, across a range of eye treatments. The team is led by Dr Trevor Gray – creator of Re:Vision, with over 38,000 successful vision correction operations under his belt. Dr Trevor’s aim was to revolutionize the delivery eye care – focusing on detail, safety and a calling for true, empathetic care. The result is Re:Vision Sight Correction Centre, the most widely trusted eye surgery in Auckland (just check their Google reviews). Everyone deserves the gift of sight. Re:Vision practice eye surgery and treatment for a range of conditions. While they are particularly well known for their flagship laser eye surgery for vision, Re:Vision also offer cataract treatment, implantable contact lens (ICL), pterygium (surfer’s eye) treatment, corneal transplants and more. If you are considering laser eye surgery, consider Re:Vision. They offer a free laser assessment to determine whether laser surgery is the right option for you. They take you through the cost, delivery, and aftercare needed when undergoing Lasik, helping you decide whether the surgery is right for your eyes. Choose sight; choose Re:Vision Sight Correction centre.  

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